Membership Application Forms

A Working Member:

Whether  he/ she is a founding member or an affiliated member to the coalition, a decision of approval for  his/her affiliation to the coalition should be issued by the board of Directors, providing that he fulfilled all his obligations in accordance with the provisions of this statute, including the payment of his annual contributions.

A-    Membership in the coalition shall be open to female parliamentarians from all Arab countries from the two chambers of legislation.

B-    Former parliamentarians in Arab parliaments and from both legislative chambers have the right to join the coalition as working members.

An Honorary Member:

A-    Honorary membership is open to male parliamentarians from all Arab parliaments and from both chambers of legislation as supporters of the coalition and its objectives;

B-    Honorary membership is open to (male and female) personalities who have shown their support for the coalition principles as patrons for the coalition and its goals.

A Proponent Member:

A-    Proponent membership is open to associations, research and study centers, and consulting firms that support the coalition objectives.

B- Proponents and supporters are entitled to participate in the coalition meetings and activities without the right to run for elections or vote.

An Affiliated Member:

Works to serve the coalition and women’s issues but does not have the right to participate in the meetings of the board of directors.

Kindly fill the Application and submit it to:

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Working Member Application-English

Honorary Member Application-English

Affiliated Member Application-English