Membership Terms and Conditions:

  • The membership of the coalition is open to female parliamentarians from Arab countries (from the two chambers of legislation in parliaments that has two chambers)
  • The former parliamentarians in the Arab parliaments of the two chambers of legislation have the right to join the coalition as working members or as affiliated members.

General Conditions for Membership:
Any parliamentary member may apply for membership in the coalition provided that he meets the following conditions in addition to the conditions stipulated by law:

  1. The member has completed 30 solar years of age
  2. Be fully eligible.
  3. Serves the objectives of the coalition and contribute to the implementation of its work and activities.
  4. Approve the statute of the coalition in writing.
  5. To respect the Jordanian laws as well as the regulations and instructions in force.
  6. To be a current or former parliamentarian.

You can join the coalition through this link: