The coalition is working towards achieving the following objectives and endeavors:

  1. Combating violence against women as well as spreading awareness among parliamentarians, people, and the public opinion regarding the rights of Arab women in living a life free of violence. As well, getting rid of all forms of discrimination against women, promoting equality between women and men, and empowering women.
  2. Considering violence against women a violation of basic human rights, and a form of discrimination which requires joint efforts of female and male parliamentarians.
  3. Placing the issue of violence against women among the legislative priorities to prevent this scourge, prosecute the perpetrators with deterrent and effective ways, and provide legal and social protection for female victims.
  4. Working and coordinating with related forums, parliamentary institutions, and Arab and international parliamentary bodies.
  5. Supporting organizations and societies that are concerned with the implementation of the laws to get rid of violence against women within families.
  6. Exchanging information and coordinating joint actions among parliamentarians with the participation of relevant civil society organizations.